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Westlaw Classic

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Westlaw Classic - Research Essentials (Chinese)

This webinar will outline the steps to conduct legal research for the US. Attendees will be shown how to navigate the features and functionalities of Westlaw, understand the wide-ranging content available, how to use Key Numbers to find cases listed under a specific legal issue, conduct a search using WestSearch and navigate results for cases, statutes and court rules.

Ping Zhang
Date & Time
Thu 17 Mar 2022, 2:00pm
Thu 17 Mar 2022, 3:00pm
1 hour

• 了解 Westlaw Classic 资源覆盖范围
• 使用 WestSearch 检索
• 过滤结果及在结果中检索
• 重新排序结果列表
• 设置Alert
• 浏览文件
• 打印下载文件
• 检索技巧
• 获取Westlaw 帮助和支持