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Westlaw Classic

Thomson Reuters Training & Support

Navigating Westlaw Classic

The session outlines the steps to conduct legal research using Westlaw Classic.

Mina Park
Date & Time
Wed 16 Jun 2021, 1:00pm
Wed 16 Jun 2021, 1:45pm
45 minutes
  • Understand the significance of Client ID.
  • Navigate the features and functionalities of Westlaw.
  • Browse or search by Content or by Federal and State Material.
  • Access Key Numbers to browse for cases listed under a legal issue.
  • Conduct a WestSearch.
  • Re-order results list.
  • Filter results or search within results.
  • Understand the significance of reported and unreported cases.
  • Navigate a case result.
  • Understand the different KeyCite Flags.
  • Search and browse for statutes and court rules.
  • Introduce International Materials.