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Elements of Construction Law in Singapore is for all construction professionals

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The aim of Elements of Construction Law in Singapore is to explain legal concepts to professionals in the construction and allied industries as well as to students. 

In his Preface, Associate Professor Lim Pin states his intention is to "convey legal ideas in plain expression without losing their accuracy and meaning. For the sake of simplicity, the author writes with the assumption that readers have little or no prior background knowledge on the subject matter".

Elements of Construction Law in Singapore includes analyses of the SIA Building Contract 2016 (SIA Form), Public Sector Standard Conditions of Contract for Construction Works 2020 (PSSCOC Form), REDAS Design and Build Conditions of Main Contract 2013 (REDAS Form) as well as related legislation and legal topics.

In addition to the brief explanation of the various contract forms and related Acts, there are numerous flow-charts, timelines, diagrams and case summaries to illustrate the different concepts in Construction Law.

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