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Read through a list of frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects.

General questions

Why are the Chinese characters in Hong Kong judgments not appearing correctly?

When you open a file directly from Adobe Reader, you should be prompted to download a font package (see screenshot below). Please follow the link from your browser and install the package as per the instructions. You will only need to this once and you will then be able to see all PDFs with Chinese characters.

If your browser does not start, please follow the link below. Download and install the font pack. Again, you will only need to do this once.

What India content is available on Westlaw Asia?

We include a collection of recent analytical commentary texts on Indian law which continues to grow each year. We also include several Indian Journals covering subject areas such as Intellectual Property, Law and Technology and Arbitration. For full details, please go to the India landing page on the Westlaw Asia marketing site.

Please note that for Indian primary content, Westlaw Asia houses a selection of Indian Cases and Legislation as an archive up until 31 March, 2021. We have ceased updating this primary content after this date.

What do I do if I use a proxy server (or any third party services) and the new URL for IP access doesn't work?

We are aware of issues some customers have been experiencing accessing Westlaw Asia via IP authenticated links. 

Customers experiencing issues have been using Proxy IPs to enable links for onsite and offsite access. Although it has been possible to modify Westlaw Asia links to accommodate proxy access in the past, the bespoke nature of the links means that they cannot be supported or tested in the way standard IP links can. 

Thomson Reuters do not provide support for any third party services. You will need to contact your third party service provider about configuring your settings. Due to security reasons, we would like to advise all users who are currently using third party services to access Westlaw that Westlaw Asia cannot guarantee the integrity of these links moving forward. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

Do I need a new OnePass profile to access the new Westlaw Asia user interface?

You can use your existing OnePass profile to access the new Westlaw Asia user interface.

If you have forgotten your username, you can retrieve it by selecting the “Forgot username?” link on the new Westlaw Asia log-in page. You can also reset your password by selecting “Forgot password”.

Can I create a new alert in the new user interface?

Yes, you can create a new alert in the new user interface. To do this, click on the Alert button with the bell icon at the top of your Westlaw Asia window and follow the step by step instructions.

Why has news content been moved to the Westlaw Classic (Westlaw Next) platform?

Moving news content to the Westlaw Classic (Westlaw Next) platform provides users with an optimised user experience with more than 11,000 news and business information resources including newspapers, newswires and magazines across the world. Users will have access to substantially more content than they previously had access to.

What is quick access?

We have introduced a new tab for Practical Law within the new Westlaw Asia user interface, providing a list of quick links to key resources on Practical Law. If you subscribe to both Westlaw Asia and Practical Law, the access from Westlaw to Practical Law is now more seamless than ever. If you are interested in trialling Practical Law, please contact your account manager to experience this new feature.

What is the timeout limit for the new user interface?

In response to customer feedback, we have extended the timeout limit from 30 minutes to 3 hours on the Westlaw Asia new user interface.

What are the system requirements for the new user interface?

The new user interface supports all of the latest browsers. Please see below for updated system requirements.


All users

  • High-speed internet connection (4Mbs Download, 512kbps Upload ADSL)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later installed (Some print functionality is lost with older versions.)
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser
  • Do not delete cached files

Windows users. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 running:

  • Internet Explorer 11 recommended
  • Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version
  • Google Chrome current version
  • Edge (Windows 10 only)


Mac users. OS 10.5 or later running:

  • Safari current version
  • Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version
  • Google Chrome current version


Mobile devices:

  • iPhone (iOS 10 or later, iPhone 6 or later)
  • iPad 2nd generation or later
  • Android (7.0 or later)


Opening Hong Kong PDF judgments 

  • If you are opening a PDF judgment on your web browsers, you may encounter an issue with displaying Chinese characters. This is because web browsers aren't understanding Chinese characters in the PDF format. To correct your display, please open the PDF in Adobe Reader. Once you open the PDF in Adobe Reader, it will prompt you to download the Asian font pack. If not, please go to the below link and download Asian and extended language pack from the Adobe site.


Opening articles from within the Hong Kong Current Awareness collection 

  • Articles from are currently not compatible with Internet Explorer and a blank screen may appear. Since the link is not managed by the Westlaw team, we are unable to resolve this issue. We are inquiring with Reuters team if there are any plans to change this and we recommend that you open links from in Chrome and Edge browsers only.  


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