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Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest: Recently reported cases, with observations by Mr Justice Bokhary

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Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest is the only authorised law reporting service in Hong Kong endorsed by the Judiciary. Cases are selected by the Hon Mr Justice Bokhary GBM, NPJ, General Editor, ensuring the most reliable and comprehensive coverage of over 100 years of official case law in Hong Kong.

The following cases were recently reported by the Hon Mr Justice Bokhary. See below for His Lordship’s remarks and observations by way of Editor’s Notes.

Tang Lai v Director of Lands [2021] 3 HKLRD 44

“The foregoing holdings represent the positive reasons why the learned Judge decided as he did. For the arguments which he rejected and why he rejected them, paras.37 and 47 should be consulted.”

HKSAR v Chan Man Sum Ivan (No 2) [2021] 3 HKLRD 94

“This judgment illustrates how the circumstances of a case may give rise to a need to direct the jury on a defence or partial defence even though they are not part of the case positively presented by defence counsel.”

陳玉屏  v Liew Shuk Fui [2021] 3 HKLRD 290

“This case illustrates (i) the sort of circumstances which can arise in some contempt cases and (ii) how it may appear appropriate to deal with them procedurally and then substantively.”

Ng Hon Lam Edgar v Hong Kong Housing Authority [2021] 3 HKLRD 427

“It is worth underlining that neither in letter nor in spirit does what the learned Judge says in para.78 of his judgment depart in any way from equality. The grounds of objection which he mentions in that paragraph by way of example could be raised against a heterosexual marriage as much as against a same-sex marriage.”

Yuki Kong
By Yuki Kong
Legal Editor

Yuki Kong is Legal Editor of Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest and Hong Kong Final Court of Appeal Reports. She is a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong and England and Wales.

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