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Westlaw Asia

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Westlaw Asia - Working Smarter

This session introduces the content and functionality available in Westlaw Asia essential to getting started with your research. It will also demonstrate and explain the advanced features available within Westlaw Asia which will be only applicable to those who sign into Westlaw Asia with a OnePass ID subscription.

Lipika Malhan
Date & Time
Fri 3 Dec 2021, 3:00pm
Fri 3 Dec 2021, 3:30pm
30 minutes

Part 1: Learning Outcomes (all attendees)

  • Browse or search by ‘Content Type’ or ‘Jurisdiction’.
  • Browse to explore product content and scope.
  • Conduct a Home Page search.
  • Edit a search.
  • Filter results or search within results.
  • Re-order results list.

Part 2: Learning Outcomes (OnePass ID attendees)

  • Create and manage search and product alerts.
  • Annotate a document and save a document to a folder.
  • Understand the significance of Client ID.
  • Personalise settings.
  • View trail (search history).
  • Locate Westlaw Asia help and support.