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CARSI Federation Authentication is now available on Westlaw Asia


CARSI Federation Authentication is now available on Westlaw Asia.

CARSI Authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity and credentials using their own University Login username and password. Users don't have to remember a product specific username and password.

CARSI Authentication can be used inside or outside of the universities campus, providing mobile access without the need for a OnePass Username and Password. 

CARSI users benefit from the following capabilities that are not available via IP Access.

  • Mobile Access outside of the university campus
  • Personalised Settings
  • Alerts
  • Folders
  • Research Trail

Universities that choose to utilise CARSI benefit from:

  • Increased visibility and flexibility of staff access and usage.
  • Reduced administration, as access is provisioned automatically utilising the organisations own network login details and removed automatically when a staff member leaves the organisation. 

If you are interested in having CARSI Authentication enabled for your organisation, or if you aren't sure if your organisation has CARSI with Thomson Reuters, please contact us.

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