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Read through a list of frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects.

Product questions

How can I see ProView citations in new Westlaw?

Viewing the citations in Westlaw is as simple as clicking the link within ProView (subject to your subscription to the Westlaw practice area) and a new browser will open at the appropriate section of Westlaw.  While the majority of cases cited in ProView will be held in new Westlaw, there are a few instances of citations to some journals/reports that are not available in any Westlaw platform.

What is ProView?

Thomson Reuters ProView is an eReader browser based website designed for laptops, tablets and smartphones giving you the freedom to access your legal titles both online and offline.

ProView is accessed by visiting and logging in with a OnePass username and password.

Is ProView free?

In order to start using ProView you will need to purchase an eBook title from Thomson Reuters in addition to creating a OnePass account which is free to set up.

What are the technical requirements?

The minimum requirements are:

  • 16GB of memory
  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor or better (2.30 GHz, up to 2.80 GH.z with Turbo Boost, 2 Cores, 4 Threads, 3 MB cache)
  • 1 Mbps download network speed
  • Browser compatibility: Chrome, Edge, Firefox (latest two versions), (Safari compatibility coming soon)
Will I need an internet connection to view my eBooks on ProView?

No, you can access your titles on ProView while you are offline. You will need to first download your titles for offline use, which requires an internet connection.

You can download publications from the library by choosing "Download title" from the overflow menu on the title card of the publication you wish to download. You can also download a publication from within an opened title by clicking the download icon in the header. Once the titles have been downloaded, you can access them through the ProView web application without an internet connection. You can access, read and search your downloaded content while offline.

How many eBooks will I be able to fit on my device?

The number of titles that can be downloaded to a device will depend on several factors: the available disk space of the device; the size of the downloaded files; and the amount of space the browser has allocated to the ProView website.

What devices is ProView compatible with?

The Thomson Reuters ProView web-based application is accessed via supported internet browsers. With the new ProView web application, offline capability is now available from your browser. The new web application has a responsive design and is compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Can I access my ProView titles on a different reader device like Kindle?

No. Thomson Reuters ProView titles are only accessible from the ProView website. You may access the website using a browser via your device but you cannot remove the content from the eReader.

How will eBooks be delivered?

After purchasing a Thomson Reuters Proview title from our eStore you will receive two emails. An order confirmation and a Welcome to Proview email. The welcome email will contain the registration key which grants access via OnePass to your Proview eBook.

How will I be able to purchase eBooks?

You can buy eBooks directly from our eStore. You can also make purchases through your account manager or our customer care team by calling +852 3462 7499.

The print version of my title has published but the eBook is yet to appear in my ProView Library?

On occasion the print and eBook publication date will not match exactly. If your eBook has not arrived 10 workings days after the print publication date then please contact our technical support team

Can I purchase firmwide or multiple user access on ProView?

If you're interested in firmwide or multiple user access to a title on ProView then please contact your account manager or our customer care team.

How long do I have access to my Thomson Reuters ProView title for - will it disappear once a new edition is published?

No, your purchased Thomson Reuters ProView title will not disappear. You will continue to have access to every Thomson Reuters ProView title you have purchased.

Can I use ProView in Incognito/Privacy mode of my browser?

Whilst ProView will work with in incognita mode, it does have some limitations, so we don’t recommend this browser mode. For features such as download for offline use, ProView relies on storing files in your browser download cache. Incognito mode will limit this action.

Can a SSO user download a title for offline use?

Yes. The user needs to download the ProView title by accessing via their organisations SSO link. Navigate to the title in the library and select the download option from the three dots button next to the title. Create an offline password when prompted and the download will commence. When the user is offline, they can access that title not by using their SSO link but the standard URL for ProView -

Can I create deep links to specific titles as a Single Sign On (SSO) user?

At this stage creating deep links for SSO is not possible.

How do I access IP Personalisation?

Your orgnisation needs to request the ability to perosnalise the account. This can be done by contacting our team For organisations that have requested perosnalisation access, the individual user needs a OnePass account to personalise. Using the organisations IP link, the user selects Sign in using OnePass under the Account option at the top right of the ProView site. The user will need to sign in or register for OnePass to access personalisation features.

How do I access features such as bookmarks, annotations and downloading titles for offline use with IP access? (Copy)

To access these features the user needs to utilise IP Personalisation access.

I have an IP firmwide authenticated account.  What does the change in URL mean for me?

While access via IP authentication will continue after the launch of the new browser version and your old IP access links, including deep linking, will redirect to the new location, Thomson Reuters is in the process of replacing IP authentication with more secure and functional options including Single Sign On and OnePass. To find out the best option for your organisation contact

What is IP access ProView?

IP access ProView allows individuals from an organsiation that are on the designated IP range of the organsiation to gain access to the library of ProView titles that the organisation has purchased from Thomson Reuters.

General questions

Who can I contact for technical support?

If you are experiencing technical issues, you can contact our technical support team - see our Contact Us page.

What is OnePass?

OnePass is a username and password, created by you, that can be linked to multiple Thomson Reuters websites and applications such as Westlaw, Practical Law, Proview, Drafting Assistant, My Account, and more.

How do I set up my OnePass account?

The setup of your OnePass profile is quick and easy. Just follow the steps outlined in out OnePass Registration Guide.

What if I forget my OnePass login information to access my eBook?

You can retrieve your OnePass login credentials by clicking the "Forgot username or password?" option from the ProView login screen.

I received my Thomson Reuters ProView Welcome Email with my registration key: how do I access my eBook?

Thomson Reuters ProView requires a OnePass username and password. If you have an existing OnePass account you will need to add the registration key for Thomson Reuters ProView to your existing OnePass account. If you do not have a OnePass account you will need to set one up, and as part of that process, add your Thomson Reuters ProView registration key to your OnePass account.

ProView is accessed by visiting and logging in with a OnePass username and password.

I don't see the title I purchased in my Thomson Reuters ProView library.

Once your Thomson Reuters ProView account has been registered in OnePass, your library will automatically sync when you connect to the internet. If you still don't see your title and it has already published, please contact our customer services team.

How many users can I have on my ProView account?

Each ProView account is for one user, however if you're interested in firmwide or multiple user access to a title on ProView then please contact your account manager or Customer Care.

What if I lose my device?

Your Thomson Reuters ProView titles will automatically sync to your new device when you log in with your OnePass password. Your eBooks are securely stored on our server and so when you replace your device your notes/annotations that have been backed up to our servers will still be available.

Are my notes secure?

Yes, notes are stored in Thomson Reuters secure data centres. Only the named user has access to the notes - for this reason, please do not share your Thomson Reuters ProView login credentials.

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