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Q&A on Advertising in Hong Kong

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Check out Practical Law Hong Kong for this Q&A on Advertising in Hong Kong:

Check out this Q&A on Advertising in Hong Kong by Eugene Low and Charmaine Kwong from Hogan Lovells which considers:

  • the framework regulating the advertising industry; the rules and standards required for substantiating advertising claims and for making disclosures;
  • whether freedom of speech/expression rights affect the regulation of advertising;
  • the complaints procedure; regulations on advertising methods (such as product placement, native advertising, subliminal advertising, outdoor advertising, and bait advertising);
  • regulations on advertising content (including rules on false and misleading advertising, comparative advertising, testimonials and endorsements, and whether ads can create a contract between the advertiser and buyer of the product advertised);
  • industry-specific regulations;
  • restrictions on advertising to children;
  • intellectual property right protections; and
  • protections on the use of people in advertisements.
Mri Shankarla
By Mri Shankarla
Legal Editor

Mri is a Legal Editor at Thomson Reuters. She is a law student in her final semester at the University of Sydney.

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