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Practical Law Hong Kong's Latest Resource: Practice Note on Contracts: Variation

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Practical Law Hong Kong's latest practice note, Contracts: Variation, has been published with the assistance of MinterEllison LLP, particularly, Fred Kinmonth, Partner and Caroline De Souza, Consultant. This note outlines the rules governing variation of a contract and discusses the relevant legal and practice issues. The note is a vital resource for anyone seeking thorough and nuanced answers to questions in regard to varying a contract in practice.

This practice note covers the following key areas:

  • Agreements by the parties to vary the original agreement, including the necessary requirements for the variation to be effective. This includes, among others, discussions regarding formalities, consideration, third party rights and guarantees.
  • The effectiveness of clauses that seek to restrict how a future variation may be undertaken.
  • The ways in which variation is different to other means of changing the parties' rights and obligations. This includes discussions with respect to waiver, change control mechanisms, material and non-material alterations by one party, variation to correct a mistake, express variation and implied terms and more.

For further resources on contract law or other areas of practice on Practical Law Hong Kong's website, click here.



By Mri Shankarla

Mri is a Paralegal at Thomson Reuters. She is a law student in her final year at Sydney.

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