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How can Hong Kong employers protect their business information?

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Information is a key asset of most businesses. Many employees may have access to or create information and acquire valuable knowledge while working for their employer. Employers will want to ensure that they protect this information to the fullest extent possible to avoid any misuse by an employee that could dilute the value of this important asset.

This Practice Note on Confidentiality During and After Employment (Hong Kong) by Sarah Berkeley from Simmons & Simmons explains:

  • What duties in relation to confidential information can be implied under Hong Kong law
  • What information is considered confidential
  • How the employer can protect confidential information using a clause in the employee's employment contract
  • What remedies are available to an employer where the employee had made unauthorised use or disclosure of the employer's confidential information.
Mri Shankarla
By Mri Shankarla
Legal Editor

Mri is a Legal Editor at Thomson Reuters. She is a law student in her final semester at the University of Sydney.

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