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Practical Law UK

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Practical Law UK - Research Essentials

The session outlines the steps to conduct legal research on Practical Law Global Law Department.

Lipika Malhan
Date & Time
Wed 24 Nov 2021, 3:00pm
Wed 24 Nov 2021, 4:00pm
1 hour

Attendees will be able to understand the coverage of content available on Practical Law UK, US and China, access our global content, navigate different functionalities on the homepage and introduce the Ask function and Meet the Team to understand who creates the resources available.

  • Understand the coverage of content available on Practical Law UK.
  • Navigate different functionalities at the Practical Law UK homepage.
  • Conduct a homepage search.
  • Access Practices Notes for explanation of current laws and practice.
  • Access market-leading Standard Documents for contract drafting.
  • Access Checklists for project or transaction planning.
  • "Meet the Team" behind the resources on Practical Law. 
  • Utilise the ASK function for answers from in-house experts on questions on law or content.
  • Browse Legal Updates to stay up-to-date on different practice areas.
  • Access What’s Market to have an overview on the market deals.
  • Browse and search for journal articles under PLC Magazine.
  • Access Global Guides for international content.
  • Perform a global Q&A comparison.